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Common Work-Related Injuries

Injuries at work are often inevitable and it is important to educate yourself on the most common types. As some are more severe than others, it is crucial to be careful at work and understand you are responsible for your own safety. Here are some common injuries.

Machine Entanglement and Attacks

Machine entanglement can occur in a factory where machinery is present. To avoid machine entanglement, you should pay close to attention to every part of you when you are near a machine. Another surprisingly common work related injury is the result of an attack. Attacks are more likely to occur in hostile work environments.

Vehicle Accidents and Falls

Vehicle accidents are another unfortunate common injury because a lot of workers are required to drive for business functions. It is also possible to be injured by slipping without falling – a reaction injury. The only way to avoid reaction injuries is to be cautious and aware of everything happening around you. Falling from a high place can also happen in a work environment, but proper training can help eliminate the odds of this happening.
Some common work-related injuries include machine entanglement, attacks, vehicle accidents and falling from high places. Being aware of everything happening around you and going through the proper training can help reduce the chances of these injuries occurring. For a better understanding and possible assistance with the steps to take after work-related injuries, call Law offices of Janice Maloney.